Updated 16 May  2021

We are unable to assist with any inquiries relating to the Vaccination Hub.

All Covid19 Vaccination inquiries to; gerarddcruz@nhs.net

Please do not call any numbers listed on this site.

Coronavirus Vaccinations are taking place in the Garden Hall of Watlington House

Above RVA Volunteer marshals in the garden

All inquiries must go to: gerarddcruz@nhs.net

  Please do not use any other phone number to make enquiries. 

The entrance is via South Street.

Please do NOT ring the bell or knock on the door of house entrance on Watlington Street

You will not be given access that way.

Occasionally we post updates on Watlington House Facebook page


Works to the Front of the House as at 16 May 2021.

approved Planning Application is  182240/ FUL

Work to improve the front garden is taking far longer than expected, mainly due to the difficulty in obtaining materials during the Pandemic. We are awaiting the railings and the stones for the pillars etc Completion by end August seems posible.

The Conservation Area Appraisal highlights the current setting as having a Negative impact on the Conservation Area. Our builders have spent the last month or so changing the boundary of the parking area, making more solid the ground by the wall at the rear left side where. An initial tarmac layer has now been applied to the new areas.  Bricks have started to be delivered.  Work will start again in earnest in January.  Once the new brick walls have been constructed the railings will be commissioned and then planting undertaken. A final finishing coat of tarmac will then be applied to the whole surface of the car park.


Some work in progress images (March) are  below.  The  railings  have  been  measured.  Work  on  trees  to  be  sorted  out.