Welcome to Watlington House

Watlington House is one of Reading’s oldest buildings dating back to 1500 and exists to serve other charities, by which we mean that other charities and local Community groups can make full use of our facilities – this could be renting office space, or using the hall in the rear garden.
The building itself is owned by a trust and is therefore preserved, forever.


A Centre of Excellence for Social & Welfare Means

In 1929, The Watlington House Management Committee was formed, now though recently changed now into Watlington House Trust ( 1158378). With the above title our aim remains to promote the services available within the community and ensure these become accessible through Watlington House. To this day we very much keep to this by helping local charities and community groups to exist and thrive.

Watlington House is protected by the Grade II* listed status and being in trust means no one can directly profit from the building – any money we receive is placed back into the building or hall to cover maintenance and facilities.