Groups using the hall

We have many groups using our hall on a regular basis and these are just a few,

Reading Swing Jam

Based in Reading, Berkshire, Reading Swing Jam (RSJ) is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to supporting and enriching our growing swing dance scene by hosting regular social dances and special guest workshops.

Take a quick glance to see those using our Hall.

Watlington Hall Diary

Social Dances

We believe that the joyous spirit of swing dancing doesn’t live in dance classes but on the social dance floor. One of our primary objectives is to provide more social dancing opportunities for our local dancers. We aim to host regular monthly Swing Jams (social dances) for this purpose as well as encouraging local dancers to attend other local events and explore other dance scenes also by facilitating our community to organise group excursions. You can find out more about our upcoming Swing Jam on this website and also our facebook page.